Dune Sound is a company born from the association of two composers and classical musicians.

Since 1997, Dune Sound has been expanding into the audio-visual world, with music, dubbing, sound design and post-production.

In 2006, after several years of close collaboration, both Dune Sound and Around the Word came together to offer a more complete range of services for the audio-visual sector and for the localization of video games (translation and recording).

Today, thanks to the Group’s offices in France, Germany and Canada, and to its international network of partners, the company is proud to offer its services in many languages.

“Creativity, quality, customer service oriented, with technical innovation and rigour!”


Dune Sound has three in-house studios and also records in eight other sound booths, thanks to solutions put in place in nearby partner studios. The amount of sound booths can be increased whenever necessary.

All of our studios are soundproof (from NC 25 to NC 15!) and are equipped with the latest Pro Tools HDX and Neumann digital microphones (D-01).

Our recording chain is fully digital and we can of course record in analogue too (we have a large range of different microphones and pre-amps).

For accurate sound reproduction and for your comfort, our studios are equipped with either Mackie HR824 monitors or Focal 5.1 systems with Trinnov D-Mon Optimizers.

We have developed our premises and our IT infrastructure in such a way as to safeguard the confidentiality of your projects.



From corporate videos to video games, spanning audio books, soundtracks, TV series, trailers and advertising, our passionate team will give your projects a voice to be heard.
When it comes to the choice of artistic director, casting from a database, organizing live castings, recording with conversational continuity, with audio or lip syncing, we use our skills with artistic quality in mind.


We produce targeted and qualitative mixes that will enhance your project and ensure the best possible end results.
The quality of our professionalism and the attentive availability we offer the director and/or the project manager, create a close and trusting dialogue.
Our know-how and our tools allow us to produce works that are broadcast-ready in the shortest possible time.


Our composers, all with strong references, can rapidly respond to your requests, offering you a wide variety of music, ranging from minimalist musical pieces to epic musical works.
The creation of sound effects is also one of our greatest strengths, both thanks to our team’s creativity and the fact that we can apply effects on very large volumes of sound in record time.


Whether it be in music, documentaries, series, sound design, mixing or, of course, dubbing for video games, we put all our know-how and the tools we have developed in-house at your disposal (budget analysis, choice of sound engineers, artistic directors, etc.) for a rigorously professional end result!


Depending on the media, type of description, target age, timeline and budget, we can provide you with a unique solution: two audio channel output options for each of your projects. Human and synthetic voice options are available.
Synthetic voice can provide economies up to 50% when compared with traditional described video.
Our process allows our creative people to focus on the artistic aspects of the task at hand, allowing them to complete projects 30 to 50 % faster.




Mix and Post Production

Musics and Sound design

Latest news

Ça chapitre 2

Monday August 26th, 2019
Ça va bien se passer ! #Room22

Princesse Suplex

Monday April 22nd, 2019
Mixage final de Princesse Suplex, un film d’Aurelien Poitrimoult, avec David Goldenberg aux manettes !

PSG handball – Saison 2

Tuesday April 17th, 2018
Et c’est reparti pour une nouvelle série de mix pour le PSG handball ! Merci Jmage !

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Tuesday November 21st, 2017
Une belle séance de publicité avec Martial Le Minoux, Room22 et Warner Bros bien sûr.

Team France l’Héritage

Wednesday June 21st, 2017
Mixage chez Dune Sound du magnifique documentaire de Jérémy Frey sur l’équipe de France de Basket.  52´ de reportage exclusif avec les joueurs emblématiques des Bleus.  #JMage #SFRSport #JérémyFrey #PaulineMerveille #VincentGayDelSanto #OlivierRabat #Basket #TeamFrance #Bleus

Les Luminessences d’Avignon – 2017

Tuesday June 6th, 2017
Enregistrements complémentaires chez Dune Sound avec les sublimes actrices Céline Duhamel et Sharon Mann, pour le fabuleux spectacle : Les Luminessences d’Avignon.  #Marie-AlixDoutrebente #BrunoSeillier #Spectacle360 #Palaisdespapes #Avignon #Amaclio

Baywatch – Billboards

Friday June 2nd, 2017
Enregistrement et mixage des billboard Baywatch – Alerte à Malibu chez Dune Sound. Avec le caméléon Martial Le Minoux ! #Paramount #Room22 #BillboardTV

The Kennedys : After Camelot

Thursday March 23rd, 2017
Enregistrements de la suite de la série The Kennedys chez Dune Sound.  Avec les excellentes voix officielles de Katie Holmes et Matthew Perry : Alexandra Garijo et Emmanuel Curtil.  Sous la direction de la sublissime Laura Préjean et avec Marc-Antoine Archier aux manettes.  Que du bonheur ! Sortie prévue le 2 Avril.  #doublage #dubstudio #spr

Hitman, pub cinéma

Friday March 17th, 2017
Mix en 5.1 pour le jeu vidéo mythique : Hitman. Une production Room22.  Avec 2 voix mythiques également : Lionel Tua, et Emmanuel Bonami pour la signature.  #SquareEnix #Room22 #DuneSound #LionelTua #EmmanuelBonami #BenoitBohet #Pub #Cinema #Mix5.1

Mix de la pub Homagency

Tuesday March 14th, 2017
C’est toujours un plaisir de mixer pour JMage ! Homagency la nouvelle agence immobilière en ligne.  #JMage #JérémyFrey #PaulineMerveille #DuneSound


For over 15 years, the company Zero Retake has been a specialist in audio post-production for cartoons, documentary films, television series as well as films for television.

Thanks to a partnership with the companies Dune Sound for dubbing, and Planimonteur for laboratory work, you will benefit from a comprehensive package for your soundtrack project: from the sound recording of actors, to the recording and editing of sound effects, the creation of original music, 5.1 and stereo mixing, right up to broadcast-ready deliverables.

As these services are provided in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, in close proximity to the main French television channels, all three companies will welcome you, in a professional and friendly environment, for the follow-up and validation of your episodes.

With our experience, our know-how and the quality of our services, our teams will accompany you throughout your projects.



Dune Sound
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